What to Expect from Ajax’s Domestic Cleaning

Hiring a cleaner is one of life’s true luxuries. Leaving a house that’s a little dusty and messy, with all those little spills, pet fur, and marks that comes with living – and returning to a sparkly clean, fresh smelling home. Hiring an experienced, professional cleaner means investing in the luxury of forgetting that a house needs cleaning at all. But what makes for a great cleaner, and what can you expect from Ajax Domestic Cleaning when you hire our services? Read on to learn more.

A cleaner that’ll listen and learn

No two homes are the same, which is why they need different attention. Perhaps you love to cook, and your kitchen tends to get messy. Perhaps you’ve got a guinea pig that leaves droppings in hard-to-reach places. Whatever’s the quirk of your home, we’ll learn them and clean with them in mind. Our cleaners are passionate and dedicated and will listen to you to ensure that your home is cleaned after your preferences.

State of the art cleaning supplies and equipment

Many budget cleaning services require that you’ve got all the cleaning supplies to see the job through. That means that if you run out of toilet cleaner, your toilet might not be washed – or it won’t be washed as thoroughly as needed. We take pride in our stress-free cleaning solutions, which is why our cleaners supply you with state-of-the-art cleaning supplies so that you can rest assured that we bring everything needed to clean your home. What’s more, out of care for our cleaners – and the safety of your home – they always use kind cleaning products that are free from harmful fumes and toxic ingredients so that you can rest assured that your home will be safe for you, your children, and your pets.

A perfect clean every time

Daily, weekly, monthly, or however often you wish, our cleaners will clean your home as if you did, and your parents are coming over. We’re able to ensure a spotless clean with each job because we only hire dedicated, passionate cleaners who take pride in what they do. That means no skipping places that you might not notice (the modus operandi of more unprofessional cleaning services). Our cleaners are highly trained at timekeeping and planning a clean ahead of time, to clean each home efficiently and thoroughly.

Cleaners with integrity

Rather than see cluttered surfaces as a go-ahead to cut down cleaning time, our expert cleaners will make sure to work with you to ensure you get the most out of your clean. We can offer tips and tricks on how to best prepare your home the night before our cleaner comes by, to get a spick and span clean every time.

Peace of mind

We understand that many feel uncomfortable having people they don’t know enter their home. That’s why Ajax Cleaning goes to great lengths to quality ensure our services to all our clients, for your complete peace of mind. That means all our cleaners are thoroughly police checked and insured and go through rigorous screening and training before they clean their first home. Our cleaners will keep your home and belongings safe.


Not only do we hire and train high-quality cleaners to do the work perfectly, but we also provide complete management services to ensure you’ll have quick contact and great service in all situations. That means we can work with you (and your cleaner) in all of life’s ups and downs, and can offer replacement cleaners, extra cleaners, holiday cover and more.