Rental Bond Cleaning Brisbane

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Minimum 8 hours for a Full Service

Bond Clean: POA per hour

Here are the some tips from the Residential Tenancy Authority on how to get a full bond refund. Ajax Cleaning will help you to get a Bond Refund by providing our Bond Cleaning service.


✓ Chemicals & Equipment supply 
✓ Public Liability Insurance 
✓ Certified Police Checked Cleaner
✓ 6-day week support service 
✓ 200% Satisfaction Guarantee 

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    What’s included:


    • Remove cobwebs, including from ceiling and cornices.
    • Clean windows and frames both inside and out. Clean glass, sills, tracks (use toothbrush to loosen dust/dirt, vacuum and then wipe with damp cloth); fly screens (use soft brush or vacuum and then wipe with damp cloth)
    • Curtains & Blinds – Wash curtains according to manufacturers instructions. Clean and wipe blinds – make sure to do both sides of the blinds and tops of tracks.
    • Wash marked walls with diluted sugar soap, including skirting boards, doors, and handles. Wipe power points and light switches. All doors, both sides, screen and threshold.
    • Clean and wipe all ceiling fan blades, exhaust fans, light fittings. Remove bugs from light fittings.
    • Clean and wipe out all wardrobes, linen press, cupboards and drawers, inside and out as well as fronts and all edges and handles.
    • Air-con filters and exhaust filters must be removed, washed and replaced. Also wipe the dust build-up on external unit and wipe clean the air-con unit including the fins.
    • All hard floor surfaces are to be vacuumed and mopped, paying particular attention to corners and behind doors.
    • Carpets are to be vacuumed paying particular attention to edges.
    • Clean all mirrors throughout including wardrobe door mirrors (if applicable)


    • Oven, grill and stove top including all wire racks; drip trays; hot plates; burners and knobs to be cleaned and greased free. (Note- use appropriate cleaner depending on if it is solid plates or ceramic cooktop).
    • Clean rangehood – remove grease including filters
    • Cupboards and drawers – wipe all surfaces including sides, bottoms, fronts & handles.
    • Splash backs – to be streak and grease free. Bench tops to be wiped over.
    • Kitchen sinks – clean also around taps and spout; drainers to be debris free.
    • Dishwasher –the filter is to be cleaned and front and sides wiped over – including hinges seals, kickboard and sides of adjoining cupboards.


    • Shower recess (tiles and glass) – remove soap residue & mould for a streak free finish.
    • Clean the bath, vanity, basin, around taps and spout and in drawers.
    • Toilet – remove the seat for cleaning and re-attach. Clean the cistern, including the outside of the pedestal, the S bend and the area behind the toilet.
    • Ensure all drains are cleaned of hair and any mould removed.
    • Clean under laundry tub and clean plughole


    • Wash marks on garage walls, including skirting boards, and doors. Wipe power points and light switches.
    • Sweep floors of garage and external deck/ patio
    • Remove cobwebs, including from ceiling and cornices.
    • Exterior patios / other areas – confirm with client /agents’ specific requirements


    Blinds – extra charges may apply based on housing situation

    Carpet and furniture cleaning – not a standard inclusion but could be co-ordinated

    Inclusion list can be modified to meet client budget and brief